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KA)KIBU was founded in 2023. We mainly design, promote, and distribute high-quality PC-related electronic gadgets such as keyboards, power banks, and components in Japan. We are the only regional distributor for a lot of well-known brands.

About KIBU

Besides importing to Japan, we also export Japanese products to our well-established distributors around the world.

Global Distribution

We know how to promote electronics, especially PC peripherals well, using our influencer network. We are able to generate satisfying sales for valued brands.


Are you interested in our existing products and would like to sell them in Japan? 

Simply contact us! The items that we are selling in Japan are all signed with exclusive contracts with the brand, or the manufacturer. The rights of our distributors will be protected.

About KIBU

We know how to run a successful crowdfunding campaign. Besides constructing the page and promoting your project, we are also able to fulfill your items.


We are happy to distribute creative products (mainly electronics) in Japan, while having the ability to sell globally.


We import and export goods to or from Japan.

Imports & Exports

We are fluent in promoting products, especially those within the Electronics sector. 


We are working within the imports and exports section, this is why logistics is very important for us. We are able to be your perfect freight and ship from China to the world.


Thanks to the great orders that we send to our manufacturers, we are able to achieve a better cost. We are fluent in CNC and molding processes, and ready to accept OEM/ODM keyboard products.


What do we do

Facts and Numbers


We are simultaneously running more than 500+ SKUs. These include the products that  we have designed and manufactured, ones we have the agency and distributing, and those we sell as an collaborator of the brand.


We are now selling our products to more than 20 countries, and we have 30 local distributors who are listing our products. Besides that, we also have 10+ online shops and 3 crowdfunding accounts.

Products Available for Japanese Distributors

We have some products that have the potential to sell really well in Japan, suitable for both online and onsite sales, you can check out the products if you are willing to be one of our distributors

Some of our Best Sellers

We are proud to introduce these products to you

Simulation Clock, Eleks

Megalodon Macro Pad, DOIO

Storm 2 Power Bank, Sharge

Our Partners

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